Article Marketing Works!

People have asked, in e-mails, whether article marketing works. I feel people need an answer, and I want to share my reply with all you dear readers. I touched on the subject in my article “Article Marketing Secrets“, and if you didn’t read that article, just click the title. The article will open in a new window (or tab, depending on what browser you use)…

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Earning Money Online By Blogging

I now want to start a small mini-series on how you succeed in earning money online by blogging. In this first article I want to focus on a very special thing – in fact the easiest when it comes to maintaining a WordPress blog. That element is to keep your WordPress blog updated.

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Social Media – Tips to Become More Succesful With Your Profiles

Becoming succesful with your profiles in the field of social media entails listening to people who have already created succesful social media profiles. You can take a big shortcut into being more succesful when you get a good overview of how and what to integrate. This article is up-to-date, even containing latest arrival in social media, Google+.

  • Understanding each type of social media
  • Diversifying what you say, and where you say it
  • Monetizing without overdoing it
  • Stick with your plan to become succesful

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Focus On Your Specific Niche

When it comes to the subject of earning money online some commit the mistake of not focusing on any specific niche. They want to hit a general public – and consequently they end up lost in a multitude of blogs. Often, such people wonder why they are not succesful in their endeavours. Many end up giving up on trying to generate a decent income online. More often than not, such people could have been very succesful if only they had learned the lesson of FOCUS, SPECIFIC ATTENTION and CONCENTRATED EFFORT.

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Comments Closing After 90 Days

If you are into internet marketing you probably are very familiar with PHP-master, Robert Plank. He is a tremendous inspiration in the sense that he started by saying he wouldn’t create another post on his blog before he had at least 10 comments. He then upped the levels to 50, and now often manages to get 100 comments. That is a good level of user-interaction. One that I wish all readers would follow.

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iFart – Let This Inspire You

iFart has become a succesful app for iPhones and iPods. You can read about it on Joel Comm’s blog in the article iFart Mobile #12 Most Popular iPhone App in History. Let this inspire you because your next idea could become the next top-20 app on the iTunes store.

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Speak The Truth Always

A vital key to success in earning money online is the realization that you ARE the kind of brand you present yourself as. Whether it be on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, your own blog or in guest posts. Every single time you write or speak any single opinion that will be the kind of impression you are bringing forward to others.

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WYLIWOL – The Key to Success

WYLIWOL is the key to success. You’re probably thinking: “What is WYLIWOL?” Everyone knows WYSIWYGWhat You See Is What You Get. But no one really gives the concept of WYLIWOL any real consideration.

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Dr Adsense Has Done It Again

Dr Adsense, a.k.a. Joel Comm, has updated his e-book Adsense Secrets – and in this version 5.0 you are truly getting the golden nuggets we are all looking for. If you ever considered how to make REAL money online, you need not look any further. I have followed Dr Adsense ever since he wrote the book “The Adsense Code” (which I bought through Amazon), and ever since new arrivals of Adsense Secrets have brought my income from pennies into real money.

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Content IS King

We all know the principle that content is king. This is true for any blog. Keep updating with new and valuable content, and people will come back to get more of what you are sharing. But what do you do when you have prime content, and noone visits your blog? Since content is king, it should also rise in search engines, and this is where many fall short.

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