Why Work For Others At Lower Pay?

Why work for others at a lower pay?” is my question to you today. When I see people taking an assignment to write articles ranging from 3-500 words for a mere 10$, something must be seriously wrong.

I take in more than double that amount on each article I write during the first month — minimum. That is only counting Adsense ads – not even counting in the banner ads on many of my Danish blogs and websites.

Why sell yourself short?
I do occasionally take in assignments to write articles for others, but I do run a minimum policy of 40$ for 800 words approximately — and if the customer wants to change anything it’s his decision. I deliver material that is ready for publication, but if the customer wants to make changes, that is perfectly okay with me.

I have written on numerous subjects ranging from financial advice, taxation, religion, travel advice all the way to health advice and weight loss. When people need articles for a quit smoking site, ten-fifteen articles can truly spice up any site, and I am only glad to help in instances where someone wants special content for their sites.

Could I earn more by releasing it myself? Very probably. My main interest is that I can stay focused for ten-fifteen, or maybe twenty articles on any given subject, but it might not be any subject I want to write 200 articles about.

So, as you can see, it all has to do with what TYPE of assignment one has to do. It’s not just about money, but you shouldn’t sell yourself short.

Good luck with keeping your blogs up to date. Get some content on your blogs, and start building some pagerank and quality backlinks when people see the quality of your content.

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