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October 2007

Why Some Choose Not To Have Ads

Many people are rather skeptical, and that is part of the explanation as to why some choose not to have ads on their websites. Some, erroneously, believe they can’t avoid competition from others in their field of business. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Comments Turned On — Part of Blogs Supreme

If you want to have one of the very best blogs you will quickly find that having comments turned on will be one of your best investments. Some blogs use ratings but these 1-5 stars only bring part of the interesting picture.

Running polls

A feature you will soon read more about is running polls. Polls offer you a nice opportunity to “test” what your readers feel on certain subjects, and offer an excellent way to target your blog articles to the right audience.

How Are Your Blogs Doing?

Have you taken my article from October 1st seriously? Have you begun planning your blog, setting up categories, found background materials and checked what others haven’t really blogged, written or spoken about so you could find that ideal niche for your blog?

Make October Your Best Month of Blogging

This call to action is directed towards motivating you to realize how important it will be to get started. If you want to affect the number of regular readers and also add extra momentum to your blogging experience NOW is a good time to begin. Winter will soon be upon us, and getting started will […]