PLR Packages – Don’t Waste Your Dough

I just got an offer for thousands of PLR articles from Lance, and I only have one reply for such offers: don’t go there. Here’s why…

If you have even the most basic of knowledge about search engines, you will probably have heard of the so-called Duplicate content. That is something very important, and you need to pay attention here.

Search engines don’t like when identical content is posted on numerous sites. It causes confusion, and it indicates that something isn’t as it should be. Furthermore, when that content is just bs to attract certain key words, it gets so bad that it gets penalized.

The best way to illustrate this would be to imagine a bookshop where all books were identical. There wouldn’t be any need to walk down to that bookshop… 🙂

If you run a blog, you should at minimum be interested in writing text. It doesn’t stop there. You should also be interested in providing quality content for your readers. Personally, I find that sharing RELEVANT content with you is a blessing. When I can help people succeed, then it does make my day.

I never started any of my blogs solely to earn money. I started each of them because I simply couldn’t keep quiet, and I wanted to fix information in a way that could benefit people many years ahead. That is also one of the reasons why some of my articles are viewed even half a decade letter. My concentrated effort in the year 2012 can still bring home traffic from Google.

Some want to make you believe you can cheat the search engines, but the only one that is cheated by such packages is YOU, the buyer. No one can cheat the search engines. There are so many aspects to good content, and printing something where you just spinned a few words won’t bring in any of the promised fortunes.

They can create any screendump they want. It is a scam.

There are no free lunches. No shortcuts that can bring in a lasting income. You may be able to create a small income from becoming an affiliate, but would you ever want to destroy your online credibility to earn a temporary income?

I hope your answer is no. If it isn’t, you simply should never get into the earning money online industry. You should ONLY recommend high quality, because satisfied customers are the people who come back for more…

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