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August 2010

Customer Service – Don’t Become Part of Poor Statistics

Customer service is oftentimes not taken seriously. It is the department that handles a lot of complaints when things aren’t working, and often people lose patience when working in such departments.

Building Your Affiliate Army

Building your affiliate army can be done using this wonderful tool, PaySpree, I will talk about today. Wonderful because it’s free, and because it’s automatic. You need to focus your attention on finding good products you can sell, and making sure affiliates will want to sell your products.

Once Trust Is Lost Magic Is Gone

Once trust is lost magic is gone. Don’t let that happen to YOUR business. If you don’t read anything else this week, do make sure you read this article very attentively. You won’t find any information that could benefit you more by listening, yet destroy more than you would ever wish if you neglect taking […]

Make Money Writing Articles – Turn Original Content Into Cash

Make Money Writing Articles – Turn Original Content Into Cash By Henrik V Blunck You may feel a bit frustrated. You write excellent articles, you have great traffic to your articles, but you aren’t making any money. This is a problem for many writers. They expect a fair share of the income available online, and […]

Boost Your Sales By Reviewing Your Price Levels

You can boost your sales by reviewing your price levels. On this blog all items sold are open for review. Updates will be made, and products will be moved into a shopping page that will allow you to select Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level packages.