Site Review During New Year

I warmly recommend doing a site review on your blog during new year. Each new year gives new opportunities, but also makes you aware that some things have disapperead since you checked your blog last time.

It always annoys me when you end up having links that fail. You link to one person, yet find out that the domain has disappeared and is now administered by a new user, who clearly chose the site because it had many high quality links (including one from me!).

Inform Your Affiliates!

I would make the positive suggestion that you should inform your affiliates when you shut down an activity. That would be common decency, but many seem to have forgotten that aspect of netiquette.

They have earned what they wanted, and now they just shut it down, and move on to other activities.

It really annoys me quite a bit, because this also happens with people you formerly considered good acquaintances. I would have expected more of them, and therefore I want to share this important advice so you don’t offend anyone in your circle of affiliates.

Why Worry? You May Think

You might think “why worry about that?” and I have a good answer for that question.

Your online credibility hangs in the balance. If you end up annoying many people, you will have difficulty in attracting them towards future projects, so from that single perspective it’s much like peeing in your own quarters.

Decency never gets old. You will earn more when you act decently. This is the law of good karma at work, and it’s not even a question of whether you believe in karma. It’s a question of being able to look at yourself in the mirror. You want to be a decent person every one can trust with their funds and their energy.

To your success.

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