Google Adsense – Final Follow-Up

I have written numerous articles about Google Adsense. Here is a list of the major articles you will want to read, followed up by a final say on the subject of Google Adsense.

  1. Adsense Revenue Share – Finally Revealed which revealed that webmasters get 68% of the price paid through Google Adwords. So Google only gets 32% of the revenue made from Google AdWords. That is a very fair share for webmasters. More than two-thirds.
  2. Why Work For Others At Lower Pay? which focused on the very essential point that you earn every cent from articles you write on your own blog(s). So when you spend an hour developing your own blog, you earn all it will generate in traffic, affiliate sales, Adsense revenue etc for the rest of the lifespan of your article. The more timeless articles can keep earning you money years after you originally wrote the article.
  3. Good Signs Amid Global Slowdown which tells you earnings from Google Adsense are on their way back up again. So even in the world of blogging there has been a crisis. But things are picking up again, and in some keyword niches earnings have gone up very much, so there is light ahead at the end of the tunnel.
  4. Split Testing What’s Best for the Tip Jar that tells you about a presentation I saw with Dr. Adsense, a.k.a. Joel Comm, revealing the need to split test your Adsense placement, colors etc. The fact remains that all audiences are different. Things are evolving, and some things that worked well years ago might work even better when you begin split testing how you can increase your Adsense income.
  5. SEO Average For The Real World explaining why you need proper use of SEO to generate more traffic. As we know more traffic means more money, it is an obvious fact that proper use of SEO can generate a bigger income.

All the products mentioned in the above top five articles can be acquired for LESS than 200$. When you implement the advice mentioned in each of them you can multiply that amount MANY times over the coming years.

The decision is yours: will you listen to experts who HAVE cracked the code to earning money through Google Adsense, or will you remain in the dark? Make sure you make the right decision because there is a tremendous money earning potential out there.

A final word of caution: a few people have cheated with Google Adsense. You may NEVER ever click any of your own ads. People who have gotten involved in this have lost thousands of dollars because there is no way back. Once you are banned, it’s a lifetime penalty. You won’t get any second chances.

So keep your earning money online potential alive. Stay honest, and reap the fruits of the content you sow in your blogs and websites.

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