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March 2009

Following on Twitter, Blog — Or Both?

Have you noticed the difference between following friends through RSS from blogs and from Twitter? There are people who are good at using Twitter, and you enjoy reading what they write. But there are also people who write excellent blog posts but can’t quite adapt to the format of Twitter.

Earning Money During a Recession

Earning money during a recession takes a bit of creativity. Any fool can make money in a market that keeps growing. When a recession hits people become more conscious about the way they spend their money. Those who don’t will later be FORCED to become more conscious as they will realize you can’t spend your […]

You Wouldn’t Believe It Anyway…

I have heard many interesting questions during my life, and one of them came from a good friend a few days ago. He asked me about one of my recent e-books on the subject of earning money online (in Danish: “Tjen penge online“), and he said: “But you haven’t become a millionaire, have you?” The […]

Joel Comm’s Books

Greetings everyone. Today I want to share a video I produced in connection with receiving Joel Comm’s books Twitter Power and Click Here to Order. I hope you enjoy the video and wish you all a happy weekend. 🙂

Action vs. Procrastination

Today, we’re going to look at taking action versus the art of procrastination. What is “procrastination”, you might ask. Fair question — certainly one that needs answering.

Why PPC Ads Are Suffering

At a time when the crisis is hitting many businesses, it’s rather logical that some PPC ads are suffering considerably. PPC meaning Pay Per Click. Behind every ad you need income to create a turnover. Some have recently asked on Twitter and in other social networks whether it was “okay” to encourage clicks. It NEVER […]

Scared of Something Good?

You might wonder about the title “Scared of Something Good?”, but there is a logical explanation. Here it goes…

Some Nasty Comments

A person calling himself “timelooser” wrote: “what a bullshit website is this !” What would YOU call that type of comment? Constructive or in any way worth taking seriously? I think not!

Arrogance or Insecurity?

I am going to show you some quotes from one internet marketer from Twitter, and let you decide what to think about this person’s Tweets:

Stop Nagging

Marriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary defines nagging in this way: to find fault incessantly : complain to be a persistent source of annoyance or distraction to irritate by constant scolding or urging badger, worry