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September 2009

Definitions of Marketing

Definitions of marketing can be very varied, but one definition can be found on Wikipedia. We’re dealing with the same type of psychological methods regardless of whether we’re dealing with ONLINE or OFFLINE marketing.

New Methods of Marketing

We need to realize one very important element in the growth of new technologies: new methods of marketing have become needed now that things travel the earth in literally minutes. Things that worked a few years ago are far LESS effective today, and a whole new way of writting sales letters has become trendy — […]

Certified B.S.

I have heard the absolute certified B.S. [B.S. = BullShit] when I heard an internet marketer talk of becoming a certified internet marketer… Have you heard anything as RIDICULOUS?

Facebook Ads

When trying to reach a lot of people, many are somewhat offended when you mention Facebook ads. I want to bring you a few thoughts about Facebook advertising, and I want to bring you a few good alternatives that could bring you some creative ideas.

Wanna Bring In The BIG Boys To Your Site?

Has it ever been your dream to bring in the REALLY BIG BOYS to your website? Admit it! You’re just like everybody else. You enjoy bringing in a good Joint Venture, and what is the best way to do that?

Top Ten Earning Money Online Myths Debunked

I want to prove to you today that the top ten earning money online myths can be debunked. These myths stem from people who THINK they know about online income generation, yet fail to provide for you the simple FACTS that govern the process of getting an idea forward to the actual sale of either […]

Twitter vs. Facebook — Or Both?

When you ask people about what types of social media they use, you often get a Twitter vs. Facebook explanation that clearly shows they prioritize one over the other. Quite often, they’re stunned when I suggest you use BOTH.