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August 2009

Making An Effort

Making an effort is necessary in all aspects of living — whether in business or in your private lives. In marriage we make an effort to be kind, loving, understanding one another, communicating, sharing etc.

People Can Still Surprise Me…

I can still be surprized by what people write. On Twitter an internet marketer asked whether anyone wanted to hit a niche like a neutron bomb… I know what he MEANT, but I’m quite sure people MISread what he intended, and indeed online marketing can at times be quite a jungle.

What Twitter Never Told You About Changing Your User Name

Twitter brings you good value in many ways. But there is one thing Twitter never tells you about changing your user name. Do you know what that ONE thing is? Do you THINK you know? Would you LIKE to know?

Stop Dreaming and Start Building Your Future

Stop dreaming and start building your future sounds a bit smart, but it really isn’t. It’s a fact of life that BECOMING succesful means getting involved, taking action and beginning to BUILD the kind of future you want for yourself.