About Me

Henrik Blunck writes in English, French and Danish about earning money online. He updates numerous blogs in many niches. You can get an overview by visiting this page: https://www.blunck.dk/hvb. Henrik is an active participant in local Danish political debates, and shares numerous thoughts on effective communications on blogs and in various courses.

“I have long dreamed of becoming a master in my own house” he says, and continues: “….and online marketing gives me a window of opportunity. The whole world is a potential audience, and I greatly value the opportunity to get my message to readers all over the globe. I have one central purpose behind each blog, and that is that I only write about interesting stuff. Gives more passion to what I do, and I like having fun while doing business.”


Getting a Review on this Blog

You may get your product reviewed on this page. Send your e-book to my e-mail adress which is henrik AT Blunck DOT dk, and I will give you feedback right away. You can normally anticipate a reply within 72 hours, but please bear in mind that I want to be thorough in all I do before recommending anything

“I hope to inspire readers with new and relevant material, and this provides valuable content for my blog. But I want to make it absolutely clear that I can’t be bought. Reviews will be honest at all times, so if you know you can’t supply a quality e-book there is no need to get in touch with me. It’s best for all parties involved to maintain good ethical standards at all times.”