Great Blog Post From Joel Comm About Google

When the man who wrote the book The Adsense Code declares that Google Is Evil, I listen. That is a highly thought-provoking conclusion from a man who has made a living from Google Adsense, and taught hundreds of people to do the same through numerous revisions of his original book on Adsense.

In his article he offers direct advice on how you can release yourself from the digital slavery of Google, and offers you highly relevant advice on how to move on from there.

We live in an age when organizations that started with the best intentions have moved in the opposite direction, namely Amazon, Facebook and now Google. Many more will come on the scene, and each of them have their weak points when it comes to respecting us all as human beings.

They sell information about us with only one purpose in mind: optimizing their income at your expense.

I wrote about my leaving Facebook in the e-book The Book Facebook Doesn’t Want You to Read. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s freely available to read directly online by clicking the title. I have never regretted that I left, and I must say that Joel gave some food for thought when he wrote his article.

What are your thoughts, dear reader?

All the best.

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