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August 2008

No Black Hat For Me…

I firmly believe in maintaining the principle “no black hat for me. Thanks but no thanks!” If you’ve looked at your inbox lately there are numerous offers from people who can’t see the difference between “then” and “than” in their headlines, but want to make you believe THEY have recipes for online successes amounting to […]

Split Testing What’s Best for the Tip Jar

People who have watched Joel’s videos and Adsense conference speeches will immediately be reminded he often calls it the “tip jar” referring to people clicking on Adsense ads. His point being that when people plan to leave you might as well offer them an exit while taking in any potential income as they leave.

Would Someone Donate a Dictionary to Google?

It annoys me quite considerably to see the abuse of the words “temporarily unavailable” when I try to login to my Google AdSense account to see the results of the day.

Free Twitter Report

Twitter is one of the fast growing “micro-blogging” services and social networking all wrapped into one. After some bumpy roads and strong growing pains, people have begun to realize that Twitter allows hyper-connectedness and an interesting way to express “what you’re doing” at any given time. It seems to be on the fast track now […]

Helping Others Is A Calling

Let it be said straight away: I enjoy helping others. If they WANT my help, and IF they take steps to becoming successes.

Stop Living From PayCheck to PayCheck

It’s obvious for all internet marketers that people are sometimes, to say the least, dead broke when you release an offer on the 20th of a month. You get a few sales, but the actual avalanche is seen when you release something around the first of a month or right in the middle of a […]

Just Over 4 Months Left…

You have been reminded several times during the year about milestones in your earning money online endeavour. I have focused your attention towards defining your segment very precisely and putting time and energy into seeing what is on your harddrive and making USE of it, instead of just letting all the ideas remain ideas – […]

Get Ready for Major Boost

Now is the time to finalize the campaigns you will be running for the rest of the year 2008. Think of how much material you actually HAVE already on your hard drive. Get it all into order, and begin implementing what you have already learned.

Important To Proofread Texts

I would NEVER buy a product when the language is bad, and I am sure many of you feel exactly the same way when judging a product based upon appraisal from others.

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