Have You Considered Getting a TPA?

This question in the headline quite probably caught your attention. Everybody knows what a PA is. A Personal Assistant can make your life much easier in so many ways. But only very few people know what a TPA is – a Twitter Partner Assistant.

When people consider their involvement in #SoMe (Social Media) there is quite often a high degree of carelessness. Users all too often only use it to create some backlinking to their websites. The select few who actually make an effort in this area will confirm that it does take a certain amount of time to handle the Q&A that come through these channels.

A TPA is not a replacement for your own presence – rather the contrary, actually.

A TPA will retweet, comment and ‘lift up’ a profile using his or her communication skills. It is not a person that answers all your tweets or all your photos on Instagram or Facebook, but rather a person who occasionally breaks in on your timeline to increase credibility and influence. A TPA can be a very valuable addition to your network, and the best part is that many of them are free.

Some people are natural ambassadors because they are both polite and positive, but also because that type of people work on the basis of the Law of Karma – we receive what we send out into the universe.

You could also choose to buy your way to this type of work, and there is a huge variety in what such a service costs, and you need to ensure that the profile you employ has interests that fit yours so you attract the right type of audience. The best thing you can do is look at your followers and your competitors, and try to see where you can lift your profile by getting a TPA on board.

That is easily done on your tablet while you enjoy the sun. 🙂

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