Plugins – Earning Money Online By Blogging (Part 2)

In continuation of the article Earning Money Online By Blogging, I promised an article about plugins you need for your blogging experience using WordPress.

That article is before you now – and if you need a faster way of learning about blogging using WordPress, I warmly recommend you check out the video course WordPress Unleashed which gives you 13 videos about WordPress.

The plugins I use are these:

The above six are my personal favorites. You may have others, and are welcome to share in the comments field if you have valuable plugins you think others could benefit from using.

The Purpose of Plugins
The purpose of plugins is to extend the functionality of WordPress for what YOU need to get the maximum benefit of your blogging experience.

When installing new plugins, I have found it very beneficial to install these ONE at a time. If your blog stops working, it’s easy to define what plugin caused the problem, and once you wander off on your own with different plugins from the ones above, you MAY encounter minor problems on your own blog.

That may either be caused by the functionality of your own webhost, but certainly also if you fail to check out what has already been written using Google. Experience is the best master.

Stay tuned. Next time we will discuss how to avoid spam – not just using the Akismet plugin, but also from this one unique tool I found very useful…

Have a nice weekend everyone. 🙂

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