Speak The Truth Always

A vital key to success in earning money online is the realization that you ARE the kind of brand you present yourself as. Whether it be on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, your own blog or in guest posts. Every single time you write or speak any single opinion that will be the kind of impression you are bringing forward to others.

Currently, some list builders are destroying their online brands. They send out strange e-mail subjects about “Purchase confirmed” or “You just made a sale”, “Account suspended” and many other fake titles to grab the attention of the gullible. I have unsubscribed from many of these because they are fraudulent in their behavior. I anticipated this was just a temporary type of behavior, but I analyzed my e-mails more thoroughly as I converted from a Packard Bell laptop into a Medion Akoya.

Speak the truth always” has been at the core of the very nature of this blog. I never wanted to sell anything that was without value, and consequently I refrained from ever recommending many of the short-term income opportunities that many others have done. It was a conscious choice, and one that I am proud of today. Because in a time when others have had to sacrifice their online goodwill I have never had to compromise.

If you would ever had to compromise your credibility it simply wouldn’t be worth the effort – and I want you to be very conscious about this if you’re a newcomer to the world of earning money online. You MUST maintain good credibility with your readers to stay on the right course. Growth may be a bit slower, but you have considerable increase in the long-term effects as long as your content is always of value to your readers.

Stay well, and stay focused. 🙂

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