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December 2009

A Decade Running Out…

I just realized it yesterday, but today is actually a decade running out. We are ending the 200X-years when today runs out. We will be starting the second decade of the 21st century.

You May Quote Me

“You may quote me” is my reply to the question: “Can I quote your article on my blog”, but there are requirements for quoting me. I expect you to give proper credit as to where you found the article. I always write all articles personally, and therefore my articles ARE unique. I can trace all […]

Don’t Put All Eggs Into One Basket

Don’t put all your eggs into one basket — even in situations when Internet Marketers want to convince you to focus solely on their products. It would be nice for internet marketers to leave you focused on their products alone, but putting all your eggs into one basket could prove VERY costly for you.

Don’t Ever Bore Your Audience

I have some good advice for everyone wanting to do online business today: Don’t ever bore your audience. It sounds so fundamental, but many fail in providing their messages in a short and easy to understand manner. We want to explain everything, and before we realize it, we end up wasting other people’s time by […]