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January 2008

Wow Article From Daniel Mcgonagle

As readers of this blog will remember I have often put great emphasis on maintaining integrity, honesty and decency in what one recommends. Luckily, I can save hours writing what is already available online if you go read Daniel Mcgonagle’s article entitled “Footprints in Cyberspace — Are You Following Bad Advice From False Gurus?”

One BIG Advantage In Hosting Your Blog

I came across something rather funny. I had hosted three subjects (awaiting the right domain name, and testing whether there was an audience for the niches) using Blogger. I clicked “Next blog” at the top of the screen, and – beieve me – you don’t want your kids to use that type of service.

WordPress 2.4 Looking Interesting Indeed…

A belated Happy New Year to all readers. 🙂 Sorry for not having updated you earlier, but I wanted to share a video with you on the new administrator’s panel, and also update you on there being discussions about 2.3.2 being the last version before 2.5 in March, but others talk of January 24th for […]