Watch Your Open Rates on Newsletters – The Only List You Need

If you haven’t read my e-book Grab That Cash you may not have considered the one list you need. But more than that, you also need to watch the open rates on newsletters you send out. They give you valuable feedback on what works and what doesn’t…

We all know the scenario where you mark e-mails you want to delete straight away. You know the sender, and it doesn’t matter what they write, because you already know the content. Repetitive e-mail newsletters land in that group, and are often deleted without even being read.

Such newsletters won’t earn you a dime. You end up wasting your resources. You can do better than that when you start implementing the one thing that can change your earnings from day one.

Bring Value to Subscribers

If you have already made the mistake of repeating newsletters without adding any new content, there is one thing you MUST do right now.

You need to apologize to your newsletter readers.

“What?” may be your first thought, but I mean it.

You should do the only decent thing, and that is to apologize to the people whose intelligence you have offended. Once your newsletters end up being unread, you are losing momentum. Your only remedy is to change your working methods, and part of that is to categorize your newsletters. Once people have given you their approval, they don’t need to hear about a product they have already bought. It won’t bring them any more value…

It is all a matter of making the extra effort. Your back office should be effective, and once people have bought product 1, they should not be targetted with any more e-mails inciting them to buy that product. Your focus for these people should be other valuable products.

Similarly, people who have bought many products should get an extra discount. If you throw around discounts all the time, you risk offending people with reminding them that they COULD have bought the product at a lower price if they had waited.

Restructure Your Work Methods

Restructuring always seems lige a huge task, but with proper planning, you will find that it is actually much easier once you get started. When you decide you won’t send out anything until you have something valuable to say, it automatically lifts the interest in what you have to say once you DO send your next newsletter.

The danger of e-mail newsletters being cheap to send out in volume is losing more than you win. Nobody reminds you of this important principle, because it is much easier to say ‘just milk that list’, whereas you should be far more concerned about bringing value to every potential customer you interact with.

Think about it, and feel free to share what thoughts came to mind when you read this article.

All the best to all readers of this blog on earning money online. 🙂

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