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February 2008

The One Thing You Can’t Afford…

You should read this. Understanding this short information today can be very important in the face of win or loose in your online marketing campaigns. You will read about the one thing you simply cannot afford. Being forewarned is being forearmed and prepared.

Super Sensation — Joel Comm Is Also a Mac-user

This is major super-sensational and good news. The one super-guru on internet marketing when it comes to Google Adsense IS, as I have said on numerous occasions, Joel Comm. He appears to know everything there is to know about advertising content in exactly the right way, and often shares that information with his regular readers. […]

The Meaning of Earning Money Online

A fundamental flaw in many people’s minds is the fact that we are dealing with “earning” money. Earning isn’t just getting, it isn’t just “money without any investment” in the form of either time or knowledge, and there are a lot of other things which EARNING doesn’t mean.

Broken Link Checker

The Broken Link Checker plugin for your WordPress blogging software could very well become your ultimate timesaver and also your best “buddy”… Let’s face it. Online websites develop constantly. Suddenly a webmaster makes changes to his or her sites, and oftentimes you aren’t sent any information about that. Even newsletters from people all too rarely […]

WordPress 2.3.3 Arrived Today

Even the best reporter can make a mistake. Those of you who read my blog article from January 7th entitled “WordPress 2.4 Looking Interesting Indeed…” will remember that some talked of WordPress 2.3.2 being the last version before 2.5, and some even speculating that probably at least a jump directly over to WordPress 2.4 was […]

Monetizing Has Become A Science

Getting the most out of your blogging experience using WordPress has initiated a need to look at ad earnings from a new perspective. Previously there were only very few “players” on the scene, but today there are about a dozen to choose from.