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February 2010

Passing By WordPress Version 2.9

As you may have noticed, it took some time before I upgraded to version 2.9.2 of WordPress. There was a very good reason why I hesitated in moving away from version 2.8.6 of WordPress, and today I am going to tell you a bit about the major change since version 2.9 was introduced.

You Want Attention — Here’s How to Get it!

Let’s face it. You want attention, and often you may be wondering how to get it. Does this hit a sore spot with you? Read on, and discover the real key behind using social media.

How To Write Clearly

This article will deal with how to write clearly so you can achieve your goals. Whether it be coming across in an article database or creating a sales letter with impact. There are important key elements you need to come across loud and clear with your audience.

What Is Your Perception of Perfection?

When I say the word “perfection”, it wakes up certain thoughts in your mind. I could illustrate this in pictures. These four photos below are some ways some people visualize perfection: