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January 2010

Good Moral Standards

I just saw a video from a guy who brags a 50% CTR and 12% conversion rate by advertising on Google for Gmail. In it, he “revealed” how he targetted the key words “he wants a divorce” to sell 100 tips on how to save your marriage, indicating it would be highly targetted for those […]

Article Databases — Not Half Bad

There are several reasons why article databases aren’t half as bad as some people believe. Primarily you get exposed far more than only on your own blog. Furthermore you also get the advantage of being able to write 5 to 10 articles about a specific subject without needing to create a separate blog for your […]

Don’t Delete Comments

Don’t delete comments from your regular readers. If you have accepted a person’s comments, you will want to consider giving a reply rather than just deleting that person’s comments.