Getting Your Articles to the Audience (Updated)

As many of you will remember, I have always said that it doesn’t matter what you write – even if you were Shakespeare in your style – if you aren’t read by anyone.

When I looked at this in March 2016, I had written 312 articles on EzineArticles, and my articles had been read 76,201 times. An average of 244 times per article.

When I checked the same statistics today, I have written 325 articles, and they had been read 77,184 times. This is an average of 237 times per article. It is quite evident, that 13 more articles could never make up for 312 existing articles, so you have to look at the monthly views, and that has grown by 48% and the CTR has multiplied by a factor of 9.

I have previously dug into the statistics, as you can see right here with the three articles that performed the best overall:

What If a Condom is Too Tight? – Lifetime Views: 4,102

Top Keywords Used to Find This Article:
condom too tight – condom is too tight – condoms too tight – condoms are too tight – what if a condom is too tight

Twitter Followers – Can I Find Out Who Isn’t Following Me Back? – Lifetime Views: 2,886

Top Keywords Used to Find This Article:
who isnt following me on twitter – who isn’t following me back on twitter – who isnt following me back on twitter – who isnt following me – who isn’t following me on twitter

How to Have Sex Like a Real Pro – Lifetime Views: 2,858

Top Keywords Used to Find This Article:
how to fuck like a pro – how to have sex like a pro – how to be a pro at sex – pro sex – how to have sex

Keywords are rather interesting. People ask for the funniest of stuff, and as an article writer you need to be aware of what interests people to adapt your articles for your audience. You can’t sell your products if you aren’t listening to what makes them interested.

The article entitled Consolidate Your Debts – Save Lots of Money by Doing So only has 8 pageviews. When you combine that with knowing that the question of a condom being too tight, or how to have sex like a pro both having over 2.000 pageviews, you could jokingly say people don’t give a shit about their debts, but still want to have sex

We shouldn’t moralize on that, but just know such a factor when preparing our article marketing efforts. I have had similar experience with a Danish money management site. It performs way worse than a blog with weekly jokes. Don’t fall for the argument that quality beats anything or quality content is king. Content is king indeed, but quality isn’t necessarily the most important factor.

Important Update – May 1st 2018

I chose to terminate all articles on EzineArticles as they had a no-follow on links in the biography section. This caused a positive spike in traffic to my blogs since they were no longer involved with such a no-follow tag, and therefore the principles deal with article writing and not any recommendation of EzineArticles anymore.

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