iFart – Let This Inspire You

iFart has become a succesful app for iPhones and iPods. You can read about it on Joel Comm’s blog in the article iFart Mobile #12 Most Popular iPhone App in History. Let this inspire you because your next idea could become the next top-20 app on the iTunes store.

I feel this is the future domain for development. Everyone is acquiring iPhones and other types of handheld minicomputers, and this is definitely the niche to be developing for, if you want to be a part of this growing segment of online applications.

You could start small. Develop an RSS-reader for your own blog posts. Get a feel for developing apps. Maybe even get yourself a complete RSS-reader that will read all your articles into one SINGLE source of information. You don’t even have to put a price on your first app. Get your name out into the blogosphere and get a viral spin on your app development.

Do you have inspiring ideas? Share them here so others can get inspired. 🙂

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