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June 2013

Offending Audiences – Don’t If You’re Not Either Madonna or Pussy Riot :-)

Madonna is famous – some would say infamous – for provoking her audience. In a similar way the female group Pussy Riot provoked russians during recent Russian elections in their effort to demonstrate they didn’t want Putin back as President when they began dancing in a Russian Orthodox Church. Madona increased her audience by offending […]

I Hate DimeSales – Augmenting Prices…

You have probably all tried this. You get an e-mail promising a nice product at $7. You take a look at it, but the price has gone up to $8.60. It’s not the $1.60 that annoys me as such – it’s the failed promise. 🙂 I fully understand that early birds should be praised. They […]

Three Reasons to Blog – and One Reason You Won’t Suceed If You Fail to Listen

Blogs can be used for many things. You can sell other people’s products. You can earn money from advertising on your blog, and you may even earn review money from products people want you to comment on. But wait a minute. Before you reach that third level, you need ONLINE CREDIBILITY. People only need your […]