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Henrik V Blunck

Watch Your Open Rates on Newsletters – The Only List You Need

If you haven’t read my e-book Grab That Cash you may not have considered the one list you need. But more than that, you also need to watch the open rates on newsletters you send out. They give you valuable feedback on what works and what doesn’t…

Site Review During New Year

I warmly recommend doing a site review on your blog during new year. Each new year gives new opportunities, but also makes you aware that some things have disapperead since you checked your blog last time.

Crypto Currency – No Thanks!

I was recently asked about my position on crypto currency such as Bitcoin, and I think that deserves a fair answer.

Great Blog Post From Joel Comm About Google

When the man who wrote the book The Adsense Code declares that Google Is Evil, I listen. That is a highly thought-provoking conclusion from a man who has made a living from Google Adsense, and taught hundreds of people to do the same through numerous revisions of his original book on Adsense.

PLR Packages – Don’t Waste Your Dough

I just got an offer for thousands of PLR articles from Lance, and I only have one reply for such offers: don’t go there. Here’s why…

No One Ever Claimed It Was Easy – Unless They Lied…

Truth be told, no one ever claimed it was easy to earn money online – unless they lied to you. Some things require time, it requires stamina.

It’s Okay to Say No Thanks to Offers!

There is a very important lesson that some internet marketers have not learned, and that is the fact that it’s okay to say no thanks to offers. Some want to please everyone, and end up pleasing no one because they haven’t understood what segmenting means.

Have You Considered Getting a TPA?

This question in the headline quite probably caught your attention. Everybody knows what a PA is. A Personal Assistant can make your life much easier in so many ways. But only very few people know what a TPA is – a Twitter Partner Assistant.

Getting Your Articles to the Audience (Updated)

As many of you will remember, I have always said that it doesn’t matter what you write – even if you were Shakespeare in your style – if you aren’t read by anyone.

How to Improve Your Twitter Profile

There are some very important aspects that need to be clear when you want to improve your Twitter profile. These points need to be observed, and their order isn’t the priority. Observing all points in whatever order you want to observe them, however, is. Your profile photo Your user name The text in your profile […]