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Want to Know More About WordPress?

If you are like most bloggers who want to get started with their own domain, you probably have quite a few questions about the WordPress blogging software. Well, you have come to the right place, because I have used WordPress for many years, and I share knowledge about the system with all who are ready […]

Check Your Control Panel in WordPress Regularly

I know all WordPress users expect their installations to run both smoothly and automatically – and normally it does. You should, however, be mindful that some plugins will require your attention from time to time to remain updated.

Thank You, WordPress

Many forget to express their gratitude for the work others have done. As a blogger I think it’s high time to say a big Thank you to WordPress. When I started this blog, I can see that it was around the time WordPress was running in version 2.3. Today, this blog is running WordPress version […]

WordPress Zero To Guru In No Time

You can start from scratch with WordPress when you get a hold of these marvelous 13 videos that will explain everything in straight forward lessons. Subjects covered are: Installation Of WordPress Configuring WordPress Picking A Theme Uploading Themes Customise Your Theme WordPress Settings Protection Against Spam How To Get Indexed In Minutes Monetizing Your Blog […]

WordPress 4.0 Soon Ready

Now that a week has passed since WordPress 4.0 went into beta 4, my gut feeling was that today, this version would be released. There is still time left for that to happen, but all bloggers will want to stay tuned and alert so they take full advantage of new features once this version is […]

Upgrading Your Blogging Software

Upgrading your blogging software is a very important part of administering a blog. You get new features with every update, and security issues are also corrected with every new release. Usually, you will find that updating is done easily and directly from the control panel of your blogging software.

Three Reasons to Blog – and One Reason You Won’t Suceed If You Fail to Listen

Blogs can be used for many things. You can sell other people’s products. You can earn money from advertising on your blog, and you may even earn review money from products people want you to comment on. But wait a minute. Before you reach that third level, you need ONLINE CREDIBILITY. People only need your […]

Plugins – Earning Money Online By Blogging (Part 2)

In continuation of the article Earning Money Online By Blogging, I promised an article about plugins you need for your blogging experience using WordPress.

Earning Money Online By Blogging

I now want to start a small mini-series on how you succeed in earning money online by blogging. In this first article I want to focus on a very special thing – in fact the easiest when it comes to maintaining a WordPress blog. That element is to keep your WordPress blog updated.

Plugin Quality – Maintaining High Standards of WordPress

It is very annoying indeed to see the falling quality of some WordPress plugins. One example is the Broken Link Checker that doesn’t always work all that well with updated versions of WordPress. In fact, it works so poorly that it causes an overflow somewhere in the entire system causing the entire blog to be […]