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May 2008

It Seems Like People Need a Plan

I have wondered what to do to truly give you boys and girls a well-needed and well-deserved kick in the butt. Why do I say you need a kick in the butt? Well, some of you do whereas others HAVE BEGUN taking action. But we need EVEN MORE PEOPLE to take action.

Social Networks

Many of us are members of far more networks than many of us can even remember. If you are anything like myself you get regularly reminded about networks you became a member of when they send out updates as to what has happened.

Facebook Social Ads — The New AdWords

The e-book “Facebook Social Ads — The New Adwords” can help you in finding a whole new niche within the networking service Facebook. You will get inspiration to finetune your business and you could very well make a considerable amount of money from using the tips and tricks from this book in your own online […]

Free E-book That Will Set Things Straight

In a hurry, then go straight to: Making Sense of Internet Marketing Chaos.

WebDesign Templates

If you’ve ever felt like you just didn’t have the extra time to sit down and create an actual website, you might find it rather useful to begin with a template. It isn’t the best way, but it’s the quickest way, and in the end winners are those who TOOK action.

The Defining Moment In Your History

Moving many of you into action is like trying to push a great truck. Virtually impossible for the majority, yet darn encouraging when the FEW who did take action move on to increasing success-rates in consecutive years.

Get To Know Joel Comm

Why not get to know the guy behind the Adsense Secrets 4.0 version e-book I have described here: http://www.blunck.dk/earning-money-online/?p=62?

Finding Your Passion

As you will have noticed on this blog, I do follow all the interesting videos, articles and books from Joel Comm, and thought this video was so thought-provoking I wanted to share it with you. I hope it may inspire you to see some of the points I have written about on my blog for […]