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July 2009

Payment Systems

When you do online marketing having decent payment systems is the alfa and omega of internet marketing. Many know of PayPal, but how many know AlertPay, Ikobo and the other payment systems available?


There are scamsters everywhere, but I will show you in this article why it pays to get traffic the right way. Services such as TubeViews want you to pay to get viewers for your Youtube videos, post comments or generate ratings. Prices vary according to your needs, but the REAL question should be: do you […]

Why Do People Doubt Your Motives?

It’s a good question: “Why do people doubt your motives?” Why would we humans be so skeptic when we see a good offer? We seem to think there must be something wrong with the price when it’s low. Why is that?

RedCage Could Well Surpass Adsense

RedCage IS rather interesting — especially when you combine it with your other activities. At a current rate of $1.10 per 1000 views, you can end up earning quite a bit when you have some good content online. Whether your YouTube videos (which would otherwise earn you nothing) or links to your blogs, it’s powerful […]

Don’t Deny Yourself This Privilege

Don’t ever deny yourself the privilege of getting things DONE. Succesfully achieving your goals will bring tremendous joy, whereas procrastination brings a lot of bad conscience. You know the feeling?

IM Alert: Untapped Niche Worth Millions

Most internet marketers only deal with the english-speaking markets. Imagine the untapped resources that would have been available if they also dealt with German- and French-speaking areas. You might even have a niche that could fit the Chinese market averaging some 1.2 billion people.

Five Steps To Make You Far More Effective

Today I want to share five methods to make you far more effective. I have mentioned these before, but I thought it might be useful to review whether you have taken them all to heart. These steps have to do with securing all facets of your online business, and you can find many more tips […]

Building Trends

Are you the type of person who builds trends, or do you just follow along? Look at your browser. Whatis your starting page. For some it’s whatever was there from the beginning, and they painstakingly press F6 to go to the address line to enter the name of their favourite website. Many don’t know how […]

How To Achieve the Best Case Scenario

I read some very true words about worst case vs. best case scenarios on Twitter. Stephen Pierce gave some good insight on the subject when he said this today: