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November 2009

The Ten Ultimate Keys to Online Success

Nobody has given the ten ultimate keys to online success, but I feel it is important to SHARE those keys with people who are willing to put this into good use in their own online businesses. It is my hope that you, as a reader of this blog, is one of those persons.

Earning Money In Seasonal Niches

It is possible to earn money in seasonal niches. I know because I got involved with projects that involved exactly that. Everything ranging from spring greetings, summer greetings, fall greetings and winter greetings. Even a theme blog on the Danish Constitution which you can see right here: http://den-danske-grundlov.blogspot.com/.

How Your Life Could Be Changed

Your life could easily be changed by the decisions you make today — provided you make the right choices today. One decision you will have to make is whether you WANT to be a person that makes a difference.

Stay Focused On Your Goal

Now is the time when you need to stay focused on your goal. We are reaching the colder months in the northern hemisphere, and it’s a time when some lose their focus.