Focus On Your Specific Niche

When it comes to the subject of earning money online some commit the mistake of not focusing on any specific niche. They want to hit a general public – and consequently they end up lost in a multitude of blogs. Often, such people wonder why they are not succesful in their endeavours. Many end up giving up on trying to generate a decent income online. More often than not, such people could have been very succesful if only they had learned the lesson of FOCUS, SPECIFIC ATTENTION and CONCENTRATED EFFORT.

Concentrated Effort
Making a concentrated effort means PLANNING your articles. Write when you are inspired. Be concentrated on bringing full value to readers. Consider that people are taking time out of their busy schedules (offering part of their hallowed spare time, actually), and you should pay respect for that attention from readers.

When you write a very specific and direct message that goes straight to the mind of readers, you get a much better focus on your subject, and you will earn a lot more respect for sharing something valuable with them.

When you NEED to increase your online income, there are many aspects to consider:

  • The length of your articles
  • What points to include
  • Keyword density – prejudices to be killed – points to get across
  • Unique content

The most valuable of these four points is, obviously, that your article MUST be unique. Don’t do any article spinning or article rewriting from some cheap Indian writer thinking you can take shortcuts. If you KNOW your subject, get those thoughts you have across by using your keyboard just like Shakespeare used his pen centuries ago.

If you know you have seven points you want to bring across, you might also have a couple of prejudices to kill. List them on a sheet of paper – and start by killing prejudices, and end up showing people how it’s done in the best possible way. In that way you will be offering them a practical guide they can start implementing straight away.

Specific Attention and Focus
When you have other points you want to bring across, write a new article as a follow-up to what you already wrote. In that way people will be attracted to your supplemental information – especially when you provide a link to similar content at the end of your article.

Don’t Ever Focus Solely on Direct Online Income
You should never focus solely on direct online income from banners and Adsense ads. Your overall income depends on a number of factors, including the fact that people may very well contact you when they can see you write better articles than most other people do. Similarly, having a good Twitter profile can work miracles in bringing in extra work when people see you take out time to HELP others in what you share with them. Backlinks will come as a natural part of sharing things. Don’t use this solely as a tool for backlinking, but DO provide a link when it BENEFITS your readers, followers, visitors etc.

That type of concentrated focus will enable you get be very specific in your niche, and will boost not only your online income, but could very well give you the tools you need to become independent – without needing any support from a bank before taking that all-important goal of quitting your day-time job. It IS possible, but it requires your undivided and focused attention.

Are you ready for success? Then start building from the stones I have just given you. It works!

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