It’s Okay to Say No Thanks to Offers!

There is a very important lesson that some internet marketers have not learned, and that is the fact that it’s okay to say no thanks to offers. Some want to please everyone, and end up pleasing no one because they haven’t understood what segmenting means.

In ‘normal’ marketing – before the arrival of the internet – it was a well-established fact that you need a target audience so you can be effective in your communication. My target audience for this blog is anyone interested in learning how to earn money online. I am not interested in targetting fly fishing nerds or people who play World of Warcraft when I write articles on this blog.

Now, please don’t misunderstand. I appreciate that you may enjoy the game World of Warcraft or spending time fly fishing. That is a perfectly legitimate hobby. But it is a subject I know absolutely nothing about, and therefore it would be foolish for me to try to tell you anything about a subject I am not familiar with.

Recently I was offered to copy-paste an article to this blog which I turned down for that exact reason. It would be highly irrelevant for you to read that article, and why should I say ‘yes’ to anything that could destroy my online credibility? No one would ever do that if they were in their right mind…

Well, some people do. For them, the opportunity to earn money is so attractive that they will accept any offer to get money in the till. Well, thanks, but no thanks. 🙂

I have spent far too long building up an audience to throw it all away by including anything that wouldn’t be relevant for you as one of my dear readers.

I hope you have had a good summer vacation. Content is coming to this blog from now on, as fall is arriving here in Denmark. 🙂

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