7 Fool-Proof Ways You Can Earn Money Online

There are seven fool-proof ways you can earn money online – at least. None of them require ANY initial investment, so this is a plain money machine anyone can set up today. Your ability to earn money online depends on cutting through all the garbage, and getting straight to the subject. All the details are found on this blog, and each category will help you in your endeavours to generate a decent income online.

  1. Blogging – Adsense and banner ads to complement your unique content
  2. Affiliate Marketing – why not resell products you already own?
  3. Write e-books about your line of expertise
  4. Article Marketing
  5. Social Media focus – using both Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ to generate a steady income
  6. Podcasts
  7. Videocasts

Blogging – Adsense and Banner Ads Can Complement Your Unique Content
You can begin blogging straight away. Go check out Blogger.com. It’s a free blogging system with numerous possibilities for good design of your blog, and Adsense is directly implemented using the Control panel, so there is no need to be a code geek to get things looking nicely.

Blogger blogs usually perform very well in search engines, so it might even be a good idea to save the money trying to get your favorite name – unless, of course, all are taken in the niche you have chosen. In such cases you might have to get your own domain and set up the equally free WordPress to get you going…

Affiliate Marketing – Resell Products You May Already Have
Even if you haven’t bought a single product yet, you may already have friends in the world of earning money online. Most who come into this business have been motivated by success stories from others who have already made money online. These friends may need extra affiliates, and you can get a hold of their product simply by asking tactfully.

If you have read good reviews – obviously from non-affiliates – you may even want to bet on other products where you see a link called Affiliates at the bottom of their sales pages. But you want to be cautious in such cases. If you don’t already know the product yourself, you should tell your audience about this – and link to reviews that caused you to be interested.

Write E-books About Your Line of Expertise
Regardless of what your hobby is, you have special knowledge. You may have a special recipe for baking omelets, or a special way of fishing with your kids. Any type of expertise can be turned into an e-book. Using payment systems such as PayPal (which is also free), you can literally set up a shop within minutes – generating income you can afterwards transfer straight to your bank account.

Article Marketing
Article marketing is a good way of exposing your expertise – thus causing an even bigger interest for your e-books. Article databases could be excellent places to begin your journey towards attracting new visitors to your sites.

Remember that article marketing deals with showing others what you know – and that you should only link to yourself at the end of your article, in the so-called resource box.

Social Media – Using Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn to Your Advantage
When you help others using social media, you help them in a way they will remember. And people DO pay attention when you share valuable information. Sharing links should be a natural thing. Don’t spam your affiliate links, but when you DO have a product that is relevant for them, why not share it with them?

When you have valuable information that is relevant, you are helping others. Don’t think in competition – think in cooperative cooperation. What you share in good karma will come back to you. It’s not ‘just’ a law of attraction, but indeed a whole concept of thinking positively to attract the positive vibes from everybody…

Podcasts – Marketing Yourself
For those who don’t like to write as much, podcasts would be a good way of marketing yourself. You can use either your built-in microphone, or get one at a very low price in your local tv store.

Videocasts – Profiling Your Expertise on Video
For those who want to add graphics to their podcasts, videocasts would be an excellent alternative. Using Windows Movie Maker you can create videos within minutes, upload them to YouTube, and then link to these videocasts from your blog. Sharing screen dumps and shifting a bit from side to side can help make your video more vibrant. Cutting and pasting in can be done with the touch of a mouse. Don’t start over just because you make a mistake in what you say. Continue speaking. You do the edits when everything is in the box to get the best effect from your efforts.

In Conclusion
After reading this article you can now see that there are plenty of ways you can begin earning money online. Don’t procrastinate. Get started today so you can begin building your income right now. Opportunity often only knocks once, and if you forget what you just learned, you might never come across this article again.

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