Earning Money Online Requires an Effort!

Youtube just sent an e-mail where they wanted to delete my link to this blog under the pretext that it was either spam or some type of ‘get rich quick’ scheme. I have NEVER recommended anything that was either spam or of the get-rich-quick type of advice. In fact one of the latest articles on this blog was also a warning against crypto-currencies!

It does annoy somewhat that a link which has been on my YouTube-profile for years, should somehow change into something less serious than it actually is. I have spent MANY hours both doing research into the subject and in writing so you could enjoy numerous articles on the subject of making an income online.

Numerous Sources of Income

There are many types of setups people use to create an income online. All of it has to do with creating an online credibility. Your name must be associated with something useful and effective. If you give shitty advice, it shouldn’t be rocket science, that people will leave without buying anything.

Others build credibility so they can sell their books or sell speaking opportunities. You can add your own recipe for success. Personally, I wanted to share all the information I came across so others could be inspireed to generate their own income online.

All Venues Require a Personal Effort

Regardless of whichever venue you choose, it requires a personal effort. Influencers have also started with no followers, and their pathway from zero to hero was not something that just happened overnight. That is why you should read all the articles I have written as they create an overall picture once you have read it all.

Happy reading – and have a good weekend! 🙂

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