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September 2007

Monetization — Extra Information

I have written on the subject of Monetization before on this blog – in fact twice: Monetizing OK – Beware of Over-Doing It — June 27th 2007 Only One Way to Monetize? — July 27th 2007

Version 2.3 of WordPress Has Arrived Today

The new version 2.3 has appeared. As always, each upgrade is a pleasurable experience. There are always little details that suddenly are improved and the user experience is simply enhanced for each new version released. It makes mastering WordPress easier as each new version arrives.

Akismet Against Spam

Akismet is your best friend in taking away the worst in spam. Without that plugin activated you will find that a dramatic increase in traffic will also be followed by a just as dramatic increase in spam and other nonsensical posts. Akismet rarely gets a false positive — a mail that isn’t spam isn’t identified […]

Should You Pay To Get More Visitors?

It’s a fair question. Some gurus recommend you not only rely upon search engine rankings to get more visitors. Some recommend you target your audience by selecting low-price keywords to get a good position for a low price in the right hand side of search engine results to generate a steady growth in visitors. Others […]

Incoming and Outgoing Links

Have you ever wondered about what the actual importance of links is, and how you should proceed when you want to create outgoing links? What about incoming links?

Important Reasons Why We Blog

This is not a techie article on setting up WordPress, but rather a bit of inspiration to add to your blogging experience. Why would anyone set up a blog if they don’t know what to put into that blog? Therefore, let’s review a few key points as to “Why We Blog”…

What Are The Benefits of Using WordPress?

I have received a couple of mails from people who have wondered why I use WordPress when there are other systems available also.

WordPress 2.3 Will Soon Be Ready – Today’s Subject: Categories

The fact that WordPress 2.3 is in Beta 3 should be a good sign – probably that we are only a few weeks from a final release-version.

Upgrading to WordPress 2.2.3

The boys at WordPress have done it again – found small errors, and thoroughly tested their system, and have now released WordPress 2.2.3.