Social Media – Tips to Become More Succesful With Your Profiles

Becoming succesful with your profiles in the field of social media entails listening to people who have already created succesful social media profiles. You can take a big shortcut into being more succesful when you get a good overview of how and what to integrate. This article is up-to-date, even containing latest arrival in social media, Google+.

  • Understanding each type of social media
  • Diversifying what you say, and where you say it
  • Monetizing without overdoing it
  • Stick with your plan to become succesful

Understanding Each Type of Social Media
When you spend time on Twitter, your main focus is being short and to the point. You have 140 characters at your disposal, and you need to make the most of it. Twitter is highly useful for giving short explanations to problems raised by fellow-users. When you know the solution to a specific problem, you can write a blog article solving the issue, and then link to your solution in a reply directly on Twitter. Thus people will be likely to re-tweet, and suddenly you gain access to a whole host of new followers because you shared something valuable.

Facebook is more for fun updates. Sharing videos, poems, new updates of a more private nature etc. You can monetize your comments, but that could end up appearing spammy. A better way to proceed is to create a group, or join an existing one, where you can share your special niche of information.

LinkedIn is used for professional updates, and is widely used by headhunters to gain access to special people in very select niches. Stay professional.

Google+, late arrival in the world of social media, is gaining widespread attention because you can integrate it with existing profiles, such as Twitter and Facebook. However, you might also like to make good use of selective information so you send one type of information to everybody, and then divide friends and acquaintances into specific circles – thus delivering only laser-targetted information that is relevant for the people who follow you.

Diversifying What You Say, and Where You Say It
The idea behind diversification is targetting different key words. You can introduce a new product one way on Twitter, and in a different way on Google+, thus gaining the full benefits of more backlinks to your launch landing page. Similarly, any forms of duplicate content is avoided when you make a conscious effort in rephrasing your news so that it becomes fresh, even for people who follow you in more than one network.

Monetizing Without Overdoing It
Monetization should only be done when you can provide value to your followers. Don’t overdo this since you will lose followers. But done in moderation, and focused on providing value to others, you can be sure to gain even more followers, and thus make even more sales.

Stick With Your Plan to Become Succesful
Setting up a plan for your involvement in social media involves setting aside a maximum of only one hour when you start building a following. You may divide this in halves: some time in the morning, and the rest during the evening. But don’t ever let social media become a time robber.

If needed, install an app on your smartphone so you can easily update your Twitter and Facebook profiles while you’re sitting in the train or in the bus. Spending time wisely, and sticking with your plan ensures you can see good results before getting too much into time robbers online.

Being social involves focusing attention to providing value for readers, not just the number of hours you spend.

Following the advice above will give you increased traffic within very few days, and you should print this article so you can follow up on your activities in social media.

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