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September 2010

Plugin Quality – Maintaining High Standards of WordPress

It is very annoying indeed to see the falling quality of some WordPress plugins. One example is the Broken Link Checker that doesn’t always work all that well with updated versions of WordPress. In fact, it works so poorly that it causes an overflow somewhere in the entire system causing the entire blog to be […]

Did You Write An Article Yesterday?

Were you motivated by the article “Self-Discipline – Build Your Future Now” that I released yesterday to write an article? Did you check the results?

Self-Discipline – Build Your Future Now

You need self-discipline to build your future now. But more than just needing it, you should actually be so much on fire for your passion that self-discipline becomes an automatic element in your life without needing to pressure yourself.

New Creative Video From Joel Comm

It is indeed a nice new creative video from Joel Comm as he introduces his latest book, Kaching. You can watch the video right here: