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October 2009

Why Work For Others At Lower Pay?

“Why work for others at a lower pay?” is my question to you today. When I see people taking an assignment to write articles ranging from 3-500 words for a mere 10$, something must be seriously wrong.

PageRank Ain’t Everything

PageRank ain’t everything. CONTENT is the alpha and omega of any blog. This content needs supplementing from links and organic action. Organic action may be people adding your site to StumbleUpon or referencing from their Twitter or Facebook pages. All in all, one article can score well (because it has lots of good unique content […]

Becoming a Chef

Becoming a chef is the dream of many who work in kitchens all over the world. They like the idea of becoming self-employed, but very often they have very lacking skills when it comes to knowledge about handling your own business, dealing with other people/employees, purchases etc. In a hurry, then go straight to: http://www.blunck.dk/recommends/chef/

More Than 300 Articles

You can find more than 300 articles on this blog on the subject of earning money online. You may not have had time to read each of them, but I do hope you have chosen to peruse the categories from time to time. I have tried to service many aspects of earning money online. But […]

Converting Articles Into Video

Converting articles into video is something some claim is the recipe for success. I would challenge this view by saying you need to focus PRIMARILY on having good content, and THEN – when you need extra elements – you can add boxes with content that BUILDS upon your message.

Ultimate Conversion Guide

Today, I want to bring you an ultimate conversion guide. The very first step is in your hands before you’ve finished this article. It converts like crazy, and I bring it to you so you can start monetizing on your products also.