Split Testing What’s Best for the Tip Jar

People who have watched Joel’s videos and Adsense conference speeches will immediately be reminded he often calls it the “tip jar” referring to people clicking on Adsense ads. His point being that when people plan to leave you might as well offer them an exit while taking in any potential income as they leave.

That logic is good, and in many cases increases overall earnings. But there is a growing tendency to offer free commercials to visitors. In that way Google MAY threaten your income as they still profile their name, but you get less for the advertising space you offer. This is worth split testing for to check what works best. I would rather sell ten excellent e-books through affiliate marketing earning what would otherwise be only half of what Adsense brings in when you find out that public service is running some 70% of the time.

Visitor counts from weblogs don’t lie, so you should be very much alert to this. Your blog is part of your business and you can’t afford to overlook that.

Wishing all of you a happy weekend. Personally it’s a weekend of rest for my knee but that’s a whole different matter. Fell when I walked the dog and that’s causing a bit of pain so there’s plenty of time to check up on statistics…

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