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July 2011

Social Media – Tips to Become More Succesful With Your Profiles

Becoming succesful with your profiles in the field of social media entails listening to people who have already created succesful social media profiles. You can take a big shortcut into being more succesful when you get a good overview of how and what to integrate. This article is up-to-date, even containing latest arrival in social […]

Focus On Your Specific Niche

When it comes to the subject of earning money online some commit the mistake of not focusing on any specific niche. They want to hit a general public – and consequently they end up lost in a multitude of blogs. Often, such people wonder why they are not succesful in their endeavours. Many end up […]

Comments Closing After 90 Days

If you are into internet marketing you probably are very familiar with PHP-master, Robert Plank. He is a tremendous inspiration in the sense that he started by saying he wouldn’t create another post on his blog before he had at least 10 comments. He then upped the levels to 50, and now often manages to […]