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December 2007

No Second Mail Any Day!

Everyone should carefully consider pros and cons before pressing the “Send” button. Many have committed the unpardonable sin when they have sent their list a second mail on the same day. “Just to make sure you get this”, or “not quite sure you received this”…

Why All The Fuss About PPC-rates?

Don’t fall for all the mails currently circulating about how poor rates people seem to be getting. Some have created trashy sites, and as a result of it are being penalized with poor performance. Here’s how some of it works.

Think, Think and Think Again

It is always a good idea to think before you speak. The same goes when writting to your list. Ask yourself some key questions before you decide to write: Will my list benefit from this? Would I appreciate the information if I were the recipient Is the content new and fresh? Have you added an […]