Good Signs Amid Global Slowdown

While the IMF sends signals that “Global economy will shrink” (according to CNN), there are also good signs amid the global slowdown. There are many types of economy:

  • Global economy — all nations viewed under one big picture
  • G8 economy — economy among the top-8 nations
  • National economy — your own country’s economy
  • Corporate economy — economy of businesses
  • Family economy — your household economy
  • Personal economy — how you’re doing economically

It’s highly important not to let national economy be a sign of how the global economy is doing. We have seen signs, in Denmark, that shares had some growth during April — but that trend was mostly shares owned by the financial giant ATP in preparation for releasing what we call SP, a special form of retirement fund that has since been “cancelled”, and can now be paid out.

One giant financial institution doing well in our country doesn’t mean everyone is over this slowdown. Rather the contrary. Just as tendencies within the EU [European Union] might be somewhat better than the major troubles faced by the United States. Many are following the political signals, realizing that freeing themselves from fossil fuels WILL rock the Arab nations and their oil exports. In much the same way national borrowing in a dangerous world of opposing world views CAN be challenging. Some ARE sending signals in the way they spend tax money, and we – as individuals trying to earn some money online – can be greatly affected by some of the political decisions.

In THIS situation it was, however, nice to conclude that Adsense income was 43,18% above the month of March. It should however also be said that almost a year ago, income through that venue dropped nearly 60% so there is still some way back. Nonetheless, it’s important to recognize the good signs in times like these to maintain good focus on positive elements.

If you want to experience growth you need to change your mindset. Keep doing the right thing, survive these trying times, and you will come across at the other end much richer in experience etc. Carpe diem.

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