Why I Never Build Lists

On regular occasions I review my inbox for messages that are worthless. I have, in fact, created a folder in my mail programme (using Thunderbird on a MacBook) where I put mails on hold for future unsubscription.

Why not just delete them, you may ask? Well, there’s a good reason for that. I want to give anyone the benefit of the doubt to see if mails improve, but I am very selective in what I keep and what I toss out. I must be if I am to supply replies to people within the short periods people have come to expect that they would have a reply from me.
If I unsubscribed immediately, I might loose out on something. Which has happened because a good friend DID at one time remind me of a product she had read about which I could also have read about. But I was just a few moments TOO quick to unsubscribe.

But how does this relate to not building lists?” is probably your next question. Well, in more ways than one I think people are FED UP with good offers in their mailbox. Many are turning to RSS-feeds so they can CHOOSE when to watch for new products or gain insight on certain products from people they trust. Lists DIE OUT sooner than most people realize, and though I could easily turn the entire subject into a large e-book, I prefer to keep this short and sweet.

So to keep it short: remember to care for the people who come to YOU for insight. Bring them useful information on your blog, but never ruin a good virtual friendship by ever putting these people into any list. You will loose them, sooner or later, to the growing amount of spam that is increasing by the day…

Worth remembering, I think.

Carpe diem. 🙂

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