There IS One List You Want To Build

I did find one list that IS worth keeping on your system. I had written a short and concise e-book on the subject. THREE info-filled pages — short and sweet for the busy person. For those of you wondering about the release of this e-book so shortly after the article on this blog “Why I Never Build Lists“. There is no lapse in memory, but a very important difference between building a list just for the sake of having a lot of names and e-mail adresses in your database and then extracting the one list that could change the entire outlook you have on your own business.

You need this e-book – no doubt about that. I could have released it for free, but it would have collected dust on your hard drive. By forcing you to make an active decision through the Lulu system you are faced with the natural human instinct of actually IMPLEMENTING the information now that you have paid for it. $4.94 is a price everyone can afford, and I can assure you it’s fully updated and will greatly help you in your business. I know ’cause I earned quite a bit from implementing this.

If it didn’t work, I wouldn’t sell it!

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