WYLIWOL – The Key to Success

WYLIWOL is the key to success. You’re probably thinking: “What is WYLIWOL?” Everyone knows WYSIWYGWhat You See Is What You Get. But no one really gives the concept of WYLIWOL any real consideration.

It’s time to use that to your advantage. WYLIWOL is short for What You Like Is What Others Like.

I had long recognized blogs based on newspaper themes as pretty, effective and easy to read. Presentation was fine since you had both a featured story and a good overview of articles on the blog. But I never got around to implementing it on my own site. Since readership grew I wasn’t even paying attention to the fact that it could grow even more.

That is the problem with procrastinating the split-test, because suddenly the thought hit me this morning: why not try changing the appearance of your blog front page to cater to what I actually like myself?

Try searching Google for the term WYLIWOL. Nothing is returned, so the concept and acronym is totally unknown to the business world. But I do hope this article will inspire many to implement and use the concept of WYLIWOL.

WYSIWYG was unknown at one time also, but once people begin delivering to others what they like to see themselves we will have come a long way in redesigning the way blogs will appear all over the internet. So consider what WYLIWOL can do for your blog, and begin delivering the content people like. I will be delivering more stats in the weeks ahead as the blog front page was changed only minutes ago, so it’s too early to write any firm stats just yet.

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