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Offending Audiences – Don’t If You’re Not Either Madonna or Pussy Riot :-)

Madonna is famous – some would say infamous – for provoking her audience. In a similar way the female group Pussy Riot provoked russians during recent Russian elections in their effort to demonstrate they didn’t want Putin back as President when they began dancing in a Russian Orthodox Church. Madona increased her audience by offending […]

I Hate DimeSales – Augmenting Prices…

You have probably all tried this. You get an e-mail promising a nice product at $7. You take a look at it, but the price has gone up to $8.60. It’s not the $1.60 that annoys me as such – it’s the failed promise. 🙂 I fully understand that early birds should be praised. They […]

Online Training – Your Shortcut to Being Better Qualified

At Eduboard you have a unique opportunity to get all the fundamentals straight: Math, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Essay Writting and more. You may need help with algebra – it happens to many of us. In the field of computer science, you can study a variety of subjects including Artificial Intelligence, Computational Science, Game Design, […]

It Only Pays to Be Stubborn When You’re Right!

Today, celebrating my 40th birthday, it’s time to pass on a lesson I learned when I was about 19. I had just learned how to run a bike up in Sweden – more precisely in a small village called Blentarp. Somw very close friends at the time had decided it was time I learned how […]

Don’t Ever Give Up!

You know the drawing where two men dig for gold. One gives up just before reaching the treasure, but the other keeps digging. You can never win when you give up. It’s that simple.

Do It Because You Like It

You are probably wondering about the title. I’m not talking about sex. 🙂 Many try to make keyword searches, pagerank, keyword density, affiliate links into the motivator that should get you a regular income. Those elements may be good for traffic generation, but are NOT key elements in deciding what niche to join. Listen: You […]

No Wonder Internet Marketing Has a Bad Name

The lengths to which some Internet marketers will go to earn a buck proves it’s no wonder Internet Marketing has a bad name. Some e-mails are really too stupid to be even believable. Sorry for being so blunt, but I MUST speak my mind on this. When I get an e-mail from a person who […]

Did You Listen to My Advice on January 1st?

Did you listen to my advice on January 1st 2012 in the article “2012 – Begin Your Journey Towards Online Success“? One thing I forgot to focus upon, which I will do in this article was the need for optimizing for mobile browsers. If you don’t have your own smartphone, iPad or other way of […]

Don’t Put All Eggs In the Same Basket

When it comes to earning money online, it’s important to say you should never put all eggs in the same basket. Systems come and go all the time. If you rely on one single line of online income, you are bound to get burned once it disappears. It happens all the time. People rely on […]

Banner Blindness – Don’t Believe All You Hear

Banner blindness was introduced as a term by the people who wanted to make you believe Google Adsense was the only way ahead. It is indeed a good way to earn money, until Google chooses to shut you down. But there is a far better way. The key to success is placing RELEVANT ad banners […]