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TextBroker – Unique Opportunity for US Citizens

TextBroker.com is a fantastic opportunity for freelance authors. Unfortunately, the only hurdle for us is that they only cooperate with US citizens. So if you are British, Australian, Canadian or some other type of English author living outside the US, this isn’t for you.

Sell Your E-books

There is no magic in writing an e-book. It’s actually just combining a lot of words into a certain context. The important aspect is in SELLING your e-book.

Five Years Later…

Having written this blog for more than five years now, I still am amazed at how much some gurus never changed in this business. I began in June of 2007, and back then some could have been excused for not knowing any better. But many persist running the same tricks over and over again.

The Role Security Plays In Your Online Earning Potential

There is some debate about the the security plays in your online earning potential. Some think it is unimportant as they trust the sheer VOLUME of traffic to offset any security weaknesses, whereas others make the valid point that even small security issues could destroy your entire online earning potential.

New Strategy Needed

As regular readers alredy know, my Google Adsense account was shut down. My regular income from this area, and all accrued yet unpaid earnings were gone – without any possibilities for any appeal since Google could never make any mistakes. The suspicion of potential click is enough, and if YOU use Adsense as part of […]

Thinking In New Ways

In continuation of the previous article, I would like to make one important point today. Thinking in new ways can provide the very best value for your time once you start thinking outside the box. As I have mentioned before, running Adsense ads can be so rewarding that you end up being a bit lazy.

Earning Money Online – Facebook CAN Bring Money to You

When I wrote the article “Let 2012 Be Your Year of Success” I wrote something special about Facebook that you very probably overlooked. I wrote: …many have forgotten this because they waste too much time playing with their Facebook games to even notice. You need the right focus on social media, but don’t let it […]

Let 2012 Be Your Year of Success

Let 2012 be your year of success. Now that the first month has long passed, and february ends soon, it is time to take a look at what you have achieved this year. If you haven’t yet begun your earning money online journey, then it’s high time you take a closer look at this blog. […]

Online Audiobooks

Today, the article you are about to read isn’t specifically directed at earning money online. It is more a question of knowing how to get leisure time implemented into your everyday lives through the addition of audiobooks to your listening experience.

2012 – Begin Your Journey Towards Online Success

Now that 2012 has officially begun, you should begin your journey towards online success. I know the feelings of doubts and skepticism. I was there in June 2007 when I began this blog – and numerous other blogs. You probably doubt whether YOU could actually make a real business all on your own. You need […]