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It’s How You Respond…

When I saw this quote I was motivated to write a few words to remind all readers that it is HOW WE RESPOND that defines how things go for us — true both on an individual and a collective level. See this quote: “In the final analysis, the questions of why bad things happen to […]

Google Did It — You Can Too…

Google can today celebrate their tenth anniversary, and I found their graphics of the day very beautiful and inspiring.

The Difference Between Learning and Acting

There is a big difference between learning and acting. When you LEARN you are taught the information tha could CHANGE your life. When you ACT you take ACTION upon what you have learned. That lesson SHOULD have be clear to anyone in internet marketing.

The More You Give…

It’s not just a saying, it’s true. “The more you give, the more you will receive” and that fact is something many professional Internet Marketers totally overlook. The confidence gained from SERVING your readers brings back multiplied increases in turnover. Just as I wrote in my previous article on buzz words vs. turnover.

Buzz Words or Big Turnover?

You may wonder about the title “Buzz Words or Big Turnover?”, but actually this is a reflection of some of the buzz words that dominate the world of internet marketing. People CLAIM large turnovers as validity that their methods work. Implying you should follow them and share part of the cake.

Be Careful in Whom You Offend

Some have pretty strong words for either of the election camps. Some hate Obama just as much as others hate McCain. Regardless of where YOU stand, you might need to consider where your business is headed. You may feel tempted to go with one of the blowing winds, but where will your business be if […]

No Black Hat For Me…

I firmly believe in maintaining the principle “no black hat for me. Thanks but no thanks!” If you’ve looked at your inbox lately there are numerous offers from people who can’t see the difference between “then” and “than” in their headlines, but want to make you believe THEY have recipes for online successes amounting to […]

Split Testing What’s Best for the Tip Jar

People who have watched Joel’s videos and Adsense conference speeches will immediately be reminded he often calls it the “tip jar” referring to people clicking on Adsense ads. His point being that when people plan to leave you might as well offer them an exit while taking in any potential income as they leave.

Would Someone Donate a Dictionary to Google?

It annoys me quite considerably to see the abuse of the words “temporarily unavailable” when I try to login to my Google AdSense account to see the results of the day.

Helping Others Is A Calling

Let it be said straight away: I enjoy helping others. If they WANT my help, and IF they take steps to becoming successes.