Don’t Ever Give Up!

You know the drawing where two men dig for gold. One gives up just before reaching the treasure, but the other keeps digging.

You can never win when you give up. It’s that simple.

You may have heard all the amazing promises. “Earn $548.67 per hour using this” or “Do as this blogger did, and earn $34,653.78 within three months”… People are gullible!

Continue sharing infomation that is important to you, and your readers, and I can assure you that you will EARN money. It WILL accumulate. How much you earn depends upon the efforts YOU make, not the wisdom of any system whatsoever.

That is a promise that is 100% true.

No two marketers do exactly the same. You have one audience, I have another. If you read my e-book Grab That Cash! you know what I’m talking about. Ever since I started this blog back in June 2007 it has always been my goal to speak the truth, and from that promise I shall never deviate.

Online credibility IS the sure key to delivering what you promise, so don’t ever give up – that is my wisdom of the day to you, my dear readers. So start deleting those promising e-mails people send to you, and start focusing on your business. I shall look forward to hearing how that has boosted your business.

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