Do It Because You Like It

You are probably wondering about the title. I’m not talking about sex. 🙂

Many try to make keyword searches, pagerank, keyword density, affiliate links into the motivator that should get you a regular income. Those elements may be good for traffic generation, but are NOT key elements in deciding what niche to join.

Listen: You must do it because you like it. 🙂

Don’t begin writing about poetry in the 15th century just because it is a trend on Twitter on any given day. If you don’t have a clue about literature, it’s simply not your niche. PERIOD!

Once you start up a blog or a website, it must be because you have carefully considered the subject. You need to be on fire to become a success in your niche. At the beginning of a new year you may benefit from this consideration. I know, because I have benefitted greatly from REconsidering the niches I have gotten myself involved with. I discarded some, and focused on new ones that were more in tune with current interests. I didn’t delete any existing ones, but I have given notice on blogs that I would be moving attention to either a different language or a different area. At least paying respect to regular readers, and also to ensure no one feels overlooked.

Pay attention to that inner voice that says NO to your ideas, and pay close attention to your gut feeling about what really interests you. Building an online credibility in any niche requires being INVOLVED, and no one wants to be involved in things they don’t really care about. Earnings will follow as you develop your position within that niche. But don’t ever start in a niche with income potential as your primary focus.

Hope you are succesful in remembering this as you take a look at the way you spend your time. 🙂

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